Complete Zombie Costume

Complete Zombie Costume

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If you look out your front window one morning and see herds of zombies staggering around, you have two options. 1. make a break for it and eventually get horrifically eaten, or 2. join them. It may not be the most heroic choice, but this super-creepy Zombie Costume makes it pretty easy, and it definitely beats being eaten! We know you're thinking, "No! You need to grab a shotgun, tie a dirty bandanna around your head, and fight for humanity!" To which we respond, "Come on, man, they're zombies." Every zombie deserves to eat!

  • Adult Size:  One size fit most up to 6' feet 200 lbs. (182.88cm, 72.57 kg)
  • Shirt with sewn-in body parts, Pants with sewn-in parts, Gloves, Mask with attached wig
  • Package Size 10 x 2 x 16


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