60s Sexy Flower Power Costume

60s Sexy Flower Power Costume

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Ever catch yourself daydreaming about the days when psychedelic music flooded people's eardrums? Remember when people were focusing on love and peace instead of time and money? Harmony and Unity were valued over dividing and conquering. If only there was a time machine to take us back to the good ole days. Well, we may just have the next best thing. Jump back to the psychedelic 60s with this Sexy Flower Power Costume! Capture the essence of that era with this vibrant outfit and give everyone a trip to the 60s.

With flowers and bright, colorful patterns covering this go-go dress, you’ll leave people wondering what decade they woke up in. Although this dress and headband combo is more than enough to complete your timeless transformation, feel free to add more fun accessories. We were thinking an awesome Peace Symbol necklace would go great with this outfit as well as a colorful pair of go-go boots(not included)! Once you’re all glammed out you’ll be ready to spend an eternity at Woodstock. Your days can be filled with dancing to some tasty tunes and take breaks to lay back and watch the clouds pass by… wow, sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

Well, since you have a job and responsibilities, this lifestyle probably isn’t quite right for you. However, with this Flower Power costume, you’ll certainly look the part. Become a free spirit, even if only for a night, and remind people about the importance of love and peace!

Items Included:

  • Headband
  • Dress

Size L
Chest 38" - 48"
Waist 34" - 46"
Length    34"

 Package Size - 11.5 x 2 x 16


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