Alice In Wonderland Drama Queens Dress Costume

Alice In Wonderland Drama Queens Dress Costume

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It must be a bit of a surprise! Alice is smart and has a solid grasp on reality, so venturing into Wonderland, a world that's solidly senseless, must be quite the conundrum! There's a caterpillar who talks, a rabbit with a pocket watch who's always late, a cat who speaks in puzzling riddles, and a Hatter who's completely lost his gourd. The good news is that Alice is such a good sport that she just rolls along with all of the craziness and nonsense that seems to be happening in the wonderful world of Wonderland... even with a hot-tempered queen!

Tween Alice in Wonderland Costume is for your very curious girl who loves to daydream. If your child loves Alice in Wonderland, or just wants to indulge in a bit of nonsense, then this costume is a great choice! She'll want to talk in nothing but riddles when she wears it!

Package  Size 11 x 1 x 14


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