Authentic Western Native American Headdress

Authentic Western Native American Headdress

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Wingapo! That is the Algonquian word for "my beloved friend" or "hello" in loose terms. This Native American warbonnet is the perfect accessory for 100s of Native American costume ideas from Sitting Bull to Tecumseh to Chief Powhatan. This headdress is styled after the western Lakota Sioux tribe and is the most recognizable headdress in popular culture today, even though it was not the most popular warbonnet worn. This is great on its own, but could be even better with the other costumes and accessories. With fantastic blue and red feathers, this headdress is bound to be the center of attention at your party!

  • Dress up for theme parties as a chief with this headdress
  • Two white boas on the sides help complete the appearance
  • Feather material helps make this headdress lightweight

Includes headdress only 


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