Bone Conduction Wireless Headset
Bone Conduction Wireless Headset

Bone Conduction Wireless Headset

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 Are you looking for a new wireless headset? Bone-conduction headphones are the newest way to listen to your music. These headphones use plates that sit against the cheekbones to deliver sound vibrations through the jaw and skull bone directly into the cochlea, leaving the ear canal open to allow outside sound to still get in.  

Unlike traditional headphones, bone-conduction headphones allow the user to hear what's happening in their surroundings. This makes this style of headphones a great choice for outside activities where hearing oncoming cars or bikes can save lives. They're also a great option for underwater swimming or for people with in-ear hearing aids.

Grab these headphones for a sleek new way to hear your music in style. Made with exquisite workmanship, it's a stylish and beautiful work of art.  


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